Building your Meditation Practice

Establishing a mindfulness practice is one of the most powerful practices and rituals in my life, but also the most challenging. It does require a level of dedication, consistency, patience and curiosity. It is a practice of paying attention (to your breath or a concentration point), on purpose, in the present moment, with no judgement. It is a simple concept, but if you have tried meditating you know it's not easy. 

Here are some supportive tips to guide your mindfulness practice:


  • Experiment with your preferred meditation position
  • Use props like a bolster, block, chair, blanket or wall
  • Suggested positions: sitting cross-legged, kneeling, laying on your back or laying with your legs up the wall


  • Posture powerfully conveys body language and intention, so set up your body in a way that is comfortable and stable
  • If seated, stack your chest and shoulders over your hips, and relax your shoulders down
  • Find a balance of strength in your spine to keep you upright and ease through your waist and legs to keep you grounded


  • The mind seeks and overindulges in distractions, especially when you are beginning — the goal is to maintain stillness with minimal adjusting, fidgeting or breaking focus
  • Make adjustments if necessary, but give it no more energy or momentum than needed
  • When your mind wanders, bring your attention to your breath — you may find it helpful to count your inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 6 counts, and exhale for 8 counts


  • Start your meditation practice small and then build incrementally — this supports sustainable change and a good habit
  • Set a timer and start with 5 minutes (then progress slowly) or use a guided meditation (using apps such as Insight Timer, Headspace or Calm)
  • Stop waiting for the perfect condition (there is no such thing), and start now
  • You cannot meditate wrong — the conditions you need to be mindful are not outside you, they are within you

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