When you do yoga, you are standing on the shoulders of thousands of years of wise tradition to build health, a positive outlook, and a strong spirit.

Dudes Yogawear technical fabrics will appeal to men of all ages and yoga ability levels; whether you already have a yoga practice; or are contemplating doing your first class. Look and feel great when you do this practice that has stood the test of time.

Our story

We are personally familiar with, and very grateful for, the ways in which yoga can change and improve a man’s life. As fellow men in the modern world we understand the stresses that technology-driven lives bring to our physical and mental health. It’s almost impossible to keep all the balls from dropping. Technology has sped up work and relationships in an unhealthy way.

Yoga gets us out of our stressed heads and into our bodies; then weirdly back into our heads again through meditation; but this time into a calmer head better able to withstand the challenges of the modern world and live with more contentment in our relationships, our work, and ourselves.

Yoga makes us better men. A pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a mat is kind of all you need. But maybe not that ratty pair of old gym shorts and the Iron Maiden t-shirt from the depths of your closet. Our apparel is designed by men, for men, to make you look and feel good on your way to better bodies, better minds, and better feelings. Feeling better than you have in years, maybe decades.


Yoga & Meditation

One of the great things about doing yoga is that is a side door into meditation and mindfulness. A yoga session is the perfect set up to wring the tensions and stress out of the body and make it possible to sit with a calm mind and enjoy the benefits of meditation. We have partnered with world-renowned meditation teachers to explain how it all works and to give you short guided meditations to get you started.