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The Myths of Mindfulness

The Myths of Mindfulness

I recently completed an 8-week training in Mindfulness Self Compassion, but I initially was hesitant and skeptical about participating. While I pra...

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Kate Landreth

I truly feel that the act of showing up for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. Mindfulness and yoga has inspired me to show up fully and authentically both on and off my mat (or pillow). Over the past ten years, I have drawn upon various mindfulness practices and techniques to support me with life's ups and downs. While my practice is continually evolving and changing, one element that remains consistent is its ability to anchor me to the present moment. Yoga and mindfulness have become interconnected in all parts of my life; grounding and connecting me to what is truly important.
Applying my training and practice of yoga and mindfulness, alongside my deep experience in curriculum and learning design, I whole-heartedly plan and produce mindfulness workshops, online mindfulness classes and blog posts that are accessible for everyone. Through working with me and engaging with my content, you will learn and experience the benefits of mediation and mindfulness through meaningful, manageable practices and tools that you can implement into your daily life.